Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Support...and Thank You's

There aren't enough words to describe how different 'artsy', 'handcrafty' people are...and a great deal of this difference is FELT through "support". John and I have always believed that as a "community", handcrafters, artisans, creators-in general, need to truly be each other's customers and consumers. If we can't rely on each other, how can we ever think to venture into sales OUTside of the community of like minded folks?
We, literally, have a small storage unit, 5 hours outside of our 'now-house', holding everything we own...which, by the way fits in the bed of a regular sized pick up truck... ;) And we, without 'voicing' our intentions, have only purchased items that have been related to crafts/art or items handcreated or handcrafted by other fellow spinners, knitters, sewers, woodworkers...artists. I've really got to thinking about that this morning.
The 'lists' I belong to and have frequented these pasts months, have really helped to keep me sane...To keep US sane. We have never sat and mourned loosing everything. What could we do? We felt that all we CAN do is: find a way for us to 'recreate' our artistic lives. Look at losing everything as an opportunity for something new, instead of dwelling on the loss. We've learned to knit, spin and turn...since April. We've bought accessories and supplies from local suppliers here, also hit hard by Katrina or Rita (Running Moon Farm)...we've purchased one of a kind sewn items (The Frog Pond),bought newly invented items (pvc Needle Keeps), (wooden Socks In Progress holders)...and have promoted them quietly to other handcrafters out there as well. We have to stick together.
We are simply in awe of this community. We put these Nostepinnes up here on the blogspot, asked a few email lists for permission to advertise...and what we've received already is ...support. Incredible support...emails not only to inquire about the Nosties themselves, but to ask about us, in general...asking about what it is like for us here...I suppose this is a nudge for me to get to our blog about Hurricane Katrina and add some thoughts there... will do.
Each and every inquiry about a Nostie makes us...I just don't know how to describe it...'warm and fuzzy'...if that makes sense. It's not about a 'sale'...it's about someone, "a stranger", out there, someone who is a fellow woodworker, a fellow knitter, a fellow spinner, someone who appreciates and knows how much goes into a hand creation, has taken the time to look at something we've made...and appreciates it!...adores it!...finds something in it that speaks to them... that is really what handmade items are about. And the handcrafting community is one with a big heart...lots of compassion...and caring. Thanks to all of you who have made the things we have bought, who have opened email lists about knitting and spinning, created a place for us to gather and meet and keep each other sane, who have shared your creations and patterns...pictures and goodies, who have now come out with support for us, by 'adopting' our goodies 4 sale...and by showing how much you care through simply asking about us...and how we are doing. You are helping us to smile. ;)

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