Sunday, July 02, 2006

Nostepinnes - Devastation 'Turned' Art

Our newest endeavor- My husband, John, learned to spin wool right alongside of me this past April. We have been so enamored with all the steps from sheep to socks, sweaters, blankets, or shawls, that we've even learned to make tools needed for spinning.
The short of a long story is this: We lost our home in hurricane Katrina, lost everything in it. We've lived in 2 separate hotels for the last 10 months and just last month got into housing via the Coast Guard, (although we have NOTHING to put IN the house, mind you). We don't own anything now except for the spinning wheel, drum carder and any fibers that we have purchased since April. John lost a whole wood shop to hurricane Katrina, and when he knew our housing included a covered garage, he got one and only one, woodworking tool. A lathe. He has found innovation resources for all his necessities...including the wood supplied for the nostepinnes.
Each nostepinne is hand turned, made of wood collected by John, as he has had to venture into our Pre-Katrina neighborhood, near New Orleans, to clear timber...all part of his responsibilities with the U.S. Coast Guard. Each nostepinne is a 'little bit of Katrina history'. We have linked a photo album to our current collection to sell. Everyday is a struggle here in New Orleans, but with such wonderful outlets of artwork and crafts, we've learned greet each day as an adventure in creativity; it is what keeps us sane. Please email either me (alicia) or john at to inquire about 'adopting' any of the nostepinnes you see here. We accept funded paypal, cash, check and money orders. ;)
*now, free shipping, orders over $50, mailed to one address, within the USA

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