Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Creations, Nosties and Darning Aids

Well...after a week of storms and fighting internet and electricity, we've managed to create a few new wood items that really don some beautiful traits.

Take a look...
"Caramel Hourglass"is just one of the newly listed Nostepinnes and Darning Eggs and Aids at

We've added more Darning Aids, some are Eggs, some are not. Each is unusual and One Of A Kind. We've even added a few mini editions...all functional for any miniature thread/yarn work.

Please take a look.

Free Shipping, orders over $50, shipped to one address within the USA

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KNITWHIT said...

Well, you have some really beautiful work and some wonderful explanations of how and why. I have a really dumb question, though, as I'm a fairly 'new' knitter (about two years) and have NO idea what to do with these items, as beautiful as they are. Do you have a picture of one in action, so to speak? If they hold yarn after it's wound, do you simply lay it next to you or on the floor or what? I'm leaving my email so you can respond there.

Honestly, I learn something new with this craft all the time!