Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Creative Wool Process

While visiting the sheep farm, I was just overwhelmed with stimulating creativity. It was the best "field trip" that I've ever taken. I got to see the life cycle of yarn from the back of a happy well cared for mammal to the hands of a fiber artist. Margrett was washing fleeces as I got to poke around her studio. There were tubs filled with drying wool tufts, racks of air-drying wool, an enormous drum carder surrounded by wool in all stages, a cedar lined room with floor to ceiling choices of fibers, dyed wool, blends, you name it...a palette of wonder. I saw several weaving projects in progress set up on several looms. I saw her knitting room set up with several knitting machines and a sock knitting machine as well. And, the purpose of the trip, I got to try out several spinning wheels. When we had spent hours inside experimenting with fibers, we got to go out to meet the sheep!

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