Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Adding Links

After all the posts about sheep, spinning, wheels and yarn, I thought I would add a section for amigurumi so that I could post some of my book covers as well as pictures of the 3-D critters that I've crocheted in the past few months. I made my first amigurumi about a month or so ago and just fell in love with the Japanese amigurumi patterns/charts and the adorable little animal creatures that are possible to create in an anime style. I also thought that I could do the same type of showcase for the crochet thread bears that I am working on. Then all this thinking led me to add several links for different subjects. Right now there is an amigurumi addition and an addition for our Hurricane Katrina pictures and a place for me to tell our story as we daily deal with the aftermath of that ordeal. I'll add links to a "crochet thread bear" blog, a "friends" blog, and maybe a few more as I think of them. So, feel free to click a link and watch as those blogs grow as well as this one does. This main blog will be my platform to catalog any current events as they happen. Thanks for stopping in...islandgirla (alicia)

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