Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Birthday Present Surprises

While at the Running Moon Farm, I got to test the "Joy" compact spinning wheel. It was one of wheels I had considered buying online prior to taking the road trip out to meet the sheep. I was lucky! Margrett had her personal "Joy" right there to test the treadling action and to tinker with. It has smooth, easy to control treadle action. And just look at all that surface area to paint! While trying to narrow down my zillions of choices for a spinning wheel, one of the considerations was the surface area of some models...lending to even MORE creativity by offering up a blank canvas for personalized painting. This is my birthday gift for this year. (4/07/06) All from my generous hubby. His only request is that I take raw material, spin it with the wheel, and no matter what the result, use the yarn to create an original 'anything'...just so I experience the entire process at least ONCE; that's it. If I just do it once, that makes it all worth it. It will take a couple of weeks for my new "Joy" to get to me via UPS, I think. So, meanwhile, I am tinkering with a drop spindle.

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