Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Our Katrina Wood items, orginal AD

A little about our hand turned items:Each wood piece has history with us here in New Orleans. We lost our home in Hurricane Katrina. My husband, who is in the Coast Guard, has helped to clear timber and debris from areas affected by the hurricane, near our Pre-Katrina home, and has, literally, "turned" that debris into some beautiful reclaimed art.

If you knit, crochet or spin,you may want to take a look at these tools.

Knitter's use Darning Eggs (or other shaped aids) to keep knitted tension while darning or
repairing a run or hole in knitted material. We've created a wide range of sizes and shapes
for darning aids; some are small enough for sock toes or parts of mittens or gloves, some
are large enough for elbows or shoulder, even for knees if needed. And of course, there are
classic design shapes as well as whimsical fun shapes with a large range of lengths for
handles that reach into all shapes of knitted gear.

Handspinners use nostepinnes to wind center pull balls, ply from both ends of a center pull ball or sometimes, just to hold a ball of yarn. If you knit or crochet, a nostepinne makes a great place to 'park your yarn' so that it doesn't tangle or collapse in on itself as you pull the yarn while creating your project. It will make your projects all a little more portable and more easily mobile by keeping the yarn safe from tangling.

We've created the **NEW** "Midi" sized Nostepinne. It's one that has a full sized handle
and a short, stocky winding shaft; great for thinner, finer yarns or novelty yarn.
There are also a few **NEW** "Micro Mini" sized Nosties. They are tiny all around!
Just perfect for any of us that stitch in minature crochet or knitting.
Even a mini center pull ball needs a place to "park".

Click on our blog or our photo link for pictures and information.
Please email John or Alicia at islandgirl.a@gmail.comto order. PayPal preferred, credit cards accepted.Money Orders accepted.
Free shipping, orders over $50 to a single address within the USA.
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