Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This is my very first thread bear. (01/06)He's 'Charley bear'... made with #70 tatting thread. ;)

Not only is he my first thread bear, but he is my very first attempt at creating a 'toy' or 'doll' with crochet. I really didn't think that I'd like making 3-d items, but I just love's sculpting with a thread!


Yasmin said...

Wow! Alicia, Welcome to the blog world. I like your little thread bear. Really, it's too good for first attempt. I also didnt do any 3d crochet stuff until I tried it and got completely hooked. You've said that beautifully- ' sculpting with thread'. I agree!

craftymama said...

looks great, I have one here too also our crochet along one is here. plus i have a 360 one and a myspace one.

Jessica said...

Hi there! I think that bear is wonderful... just curious about where you got the pattern for it?